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Name:The Wake Roleplay
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     It starts with a feeling. The colors around you seem wrong, off; sounds seem distant, artificial. You start to get the feeling that you're trapped in a dream you can't wake from; that nothing is real.

     You may try to explain this to your friends and loved ones, if you have any...but you're unable to get the words out. So you try and break from the routine. If you're a hero, you may try to hurt someone; a villain, you may try to do some good.

     But you can't. Your life is on rails, and you can't break free. You're a prisoner, trapped in your own body, in a life that no longer seems to have purpose.

Until you hear a voice.

     Wake, says the voice. And that is all. You reach out with your heart towards that voice; that voice which promises freedom, escape....

     And then you Wake.

     Welcome to Nautilus, the City of Change. A place where willpower is the key to true strength, and you can change the very fabric of reality. Welcome to a city where even the most average can become extraordinary. Welcome to the real world.

     There are many tasks awaiting you in this city: some great, some small. What will you choose to do with the endless possibilities at your feet?

Come, Dreamer. Bring it closer to the Wake
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